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Empower entrepreneurs to launch, run, and scale professional services businesses

Today, the process of setting up an e-commerce store is straightforward. But the same thing is not true for professional services businesses and other businesses where services are delivered virtually. For example, if you want to start an architecture firm, creative agency, or law firm, you will encounter many roadblocks. Most likely, you will find yourself stitching together various B2B tools - an email automation tool, a billing tool, a file-sharing tool, an eSignature tool, an intake forms tool, and more.

We believe that by building an integrated commerce platform specifically for professional services businesses, we can become the leading solution for a meaningful fraction of businesses.

About Portal


The best way to learn about our product is to create a portal. Go to our website and click on Try for Free.

Portal is a set of modules for virtual businesses. So far we've built modules for billing, file-sharing, eSignatures, intake forms, and knowledge base. Some examples of how customers use them today:

  • A creative agency that's using their Portal to speak with customers (messaging), get paid (billing), and share files (file-sharing).
  • A law firm that only has the knowledge base and billing enabled. The company has created immigration law content (knowledge base) and makes it available to clients for an annual fee (billing).
  • An accounting firm that has all modules turned on. Instead of stitching together various B2B solutions, everything from their CRM to their landing page to their file-sharing system is all powered by Portal

At the heart of these modules lies the ability to customize. We've found that giving our customers the ability to run Portal on their own domain and really make it look and feel like their own is surprisingly important.


Marlon Misra & Neil Raina started off working on a completely different product and pivoted to Portal in April 2020.

We went through Y Combinator's W18 Batch and raised ~$2.5M from an amazing set of investors.

We are now based in Williamsburg in Brooklyn. We're fully-remote today but are excitedly waiting for the situation to improve & to move into a loft-style office.

Marlon Misra


Grew up in Germany & Canada. Moved to San Francisco in 2015 and to New York in 2019. Studied physics & business at Western/Ivey.

Previously worked as a product manager at Climate.

Interested in healthy living, chess, reading biographies.

Neil Raina


Grew up in Canada. Moved to San Francisco in 2015 and to New York in 2019. Studied software engineering at Waterloo.

Previously worked as a software engineer at Pinterest.

Golf and basketball enthusiast. Hip-hop head and aspiring pianist 🎧

The time we made dumplings
The time we made dumplings
When we can't meet in-person, we find things to do virtually.
When we can't meet in-person, we find things to do virtually.
Most days our founders take a chess break.
Most days our founders take a chess break.

Why Join

Now is a particularly unique time to join Portal.

We were founded just as Covid started to accelerate. At the time, two things started to happen - (1) millions of businesses started to prioritize the "virtual" parts of their business (online brand, landing page, knowledge base, etc.) and (2) many employees started to consider starting their own virtual companies as solo entrepreneurs. Right now, we are in the unique position of being able able to support both groups with tools & infrastructure to adapt or start new businesses.

The market is massive and we have a shot at capturing a meaningful fraction of it.

Early customers are very excited about the product and many have started to pay us while still on the waitlist to be closely involved in feedback sessions. To make sure we can deliver on the promises we've made, we are following a strategy where we're starting with a few specific verticals (agencies, law firms, consulting firms) and go broader over time.

While we're being very targeted now with marketing & sales, we're engineering our product to be modular so that entering new verticals in the future is seamless. The market for professional services in the US alone is greater than 2 trillion/yr and in the future we see ourselves in markets as diverse as wedding planning, online tutoring, and telemedicine.

We are a very small team.

We are only a team of 4. That means you will have significant responsibility and a front-row seat into what building a rapidly scaling company looks like. In addition to your main job, you will have the opportunity to work on recruiting, fundraising, office selection, and all aspects of running an early stage startup.

Open Roles

Full Stack Software Engineer
Technical SDR


Email founders@joinportal.com with the role (e.g. "Full Stack Engineer") in the subject line and a body with (1) a short paragraph about you & why you want to join and (2) any links to help us learn more about you.